Over the past years since a forced retirement due to health problems, I reconnected with my woodwork.

Trained as a Cabinet Maker when young, my working life took a different direction which took me into Sales and Marketing as my life career. In due course I became interested in the internet and was a pioneer in web site design and marketing to a then skeptical industry. This was in the early nineties when the World Wide Web was in its infancy.

After  running a web business till December 2009, I fell ill and had to retire. Woodwork has been an interest in my life since and has helped in a gradual recovery.

This web site is the second evolution of my web presence along with my Youtube channel also with my Facebook Page

I love working in wood, whether it is on the lathe making pens and bowls, making models, toys, furniture or making jigs to make life in the shop easier.

I love to watch youtube to see what other craftsman are doing. I find I am a visual learner, so videos help me develop my own projects and ideas.

I love music, so have had a go at making a couple of stringed instruments and even an native American styled flute.

Most of all i enjoy trying something new.



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